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We work with you, Not for you

Logo Design
Website Development
Social Media Marketing
Brochure Printing
Brand Identity Design
Contet Writing
Google Advertising
Packaging Printing
Brochure Design
SEO Optimization
Youtube Marketing
Flex & Vinyl Printing


our products,which grow our business

Digital Visiting Card
Digital Leaflet
Video Creation

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Who we are

Ravan Tandav is a leading provider of print solutions. We are based in Pune and provide complete print advertising services in Pune and across Maharashtra, from pre-press to post-press, with quality assurance at each stage of the process. Designing (Graphic & Web), Advertising (Digital Marketing, Indoor & Outdoor), Printing (Screen, Offset & Digital), Stationery, Customized Gift Papers, and other services are included.

Our philosophy

Web designers work for web users; these are the people that will tell you if a particular website is meant well or not. they are doing this supported a few of things, like the aesthetic appeal of the web site and whether it's user-friendly or not. during this case, those websites that are designed well will perform alright , while people who are designed poorly will perform badly, and should register things like low conversion rates, and low traffic.

How we work

A digital agency focuses totally on marketing your business, products and services within the digital world. this is often done through website design and development, program optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid online advertising, social media, email marketing and other services.

What Our Clients Say.


Thanks again for the work you have done, it looks fantastic thank you! I do really appreciate it. Many thanks for a great website, we are extremely pleased with the result.

Yes Elevators Owner of Yes Elevators

Thanks again for the work you have done, it looks fantastic thank you! I do really appreciate it. Many thanks for a great website, we are extremely pleased with the result. Finally I would like to say thanks for a great job and I am over the moon with the finished work I would recommend you to anyone

Vivako Doctor

I've had a quick look - and the website looks great! Very pleased with the arrangement on the Laser pages. Thank you! I'm going to proof read this evening and I'll be in touch tomorrow if anything needs to be changed. By the way, we've had tons of excellent feedback on our website. I take it as a tremendous compliment that clients' are captivated enough by the style, content and layout to have read and remembered every page; and then to state that the site matches the personality and performance of 'Slack Alice's' perfectly. Yep, I think we did a good job!

Alice US Client